Monday, 22 July 2013

Lush: Cupcake Fresh Face Mask Review

Sometime a while ago I picked up a face mask from Lush called Cupcake. This might sound strange to some, but I have never used a face mask before; never. This is mainly due to the fact that I have sensitive skin and I didn't want to use something which would give me a rash across my face, but in lush the face masks are hand made, fresh and preservative-free. As they are preservative-free this means that they last about three weeks which I don't think is that bad, as I have used it about twice a week for two weeks and it is about half empty, so it will last.

Cupcake was created for 'younger skins', and it claims to:
  • nourish
  • soften
  • tone
  • moisturize
  • absorb grease
  •  and give a deep cleanse 

I use the mask on a dry face and work all over the skin avoiding the eyes and mouth (of course.) At first I wasn't sure on how much to use and didn't use a lot, but I learnt that you need a good amount for the face mask to actually do it's job properly. It's advised to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes and the mask will harden and tighten rather quickly to which I'm not a fan of to be honest, but it's bearable. 

This is a face mask designed for oily skin, but to be honest I don't have oily skin, as I'm not prone to breakouts and I've never had acne; I'd say that my skin type is dry. With saying that I feel like this face mask still worked wonders even though on the parts of my skin that are more dry it would often feel very tight even once the mask is off, so I'd put some vitamin E cream on them parts and it's job done. This face mask also has helped to reduce the redness that I have in my cheeks which is amazing, as it really did tone it down a lot and I really struggle to reduce the redness.

The texture of the mask is quite thick, but I think that it's quite hard to spread, as it will go patchy and you will need to make sure that all the skin is well covered. As for the scent... it's not the best and when my brother smelt it straight from the pot he nearly passed out (may sound dramatic, but it's true,) as the smell is really strong and is nothing like chocolate unless that chocolate is couple of years out of date.


Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
Helps to clean out pores
Reduces redness
Not to messy when taking off
Not very expensive - (£5.95)


The smell
It can be difficult to spread because of the texture
Has to be used within three weeks
Probably won't become essential to your routine, as it is not a staple or a must have and is just a nice
Not brilliant for dry skin


Brand: Lush

Product: Fresh face mask

Type: Cupcake

Price: £5.95

Where to buy: Lush

Package quality:  4.5 (Mines gone sticky)

Overall rating: (out of five) 4.5, if my skin was oily then a five, but it's not, so four haha

Recommend?: I would recommend this to anyone who has oily skin or to anyone who has a natural redness to their face.

Grade: A 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

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I'm a little bit late with this post, but as you will all know Google reader is shutting down, so GFC will be following close behind it. I'd love you to go over to bloglovin and follow me on there.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Barry M Wink black eyeliner pen

Would you be surprised if I told you that I've never tried any Barry M product other than their nail varnish?

When my previous eyeliner had ran out, I knew I didn't want to repurchase the same one and then this one really caught my eye; with the bright purple packaging with black detailing, I really like it! It gives off an 80's vibe which I love!

The tip isn't very sturdy, but it isn't that weak so you can't use it, I can work with it just fine to create a small line close to my lashes.Plus the application is easy with only one coat needed for an opaque colour to build up, as it is well pigmented.

It does however doesn't stay opaque for long, as it does fade if not re-applied during the day and it does also move to the eyelid after time as well. I found that for the first couple of times, it didn't do that, but now that I've been using it for about a week the quality has gone down immensely
(I'm pale)

I won't be re-purchasing this, as it's not worth it. It fades easily and quickly and will also transfer to the upper lid, however it is quite cheap, as it retails for £4.59, so that isn't bad.


Does it's job 
Easy to apply
Well pigmented 
Nice packaging


Will fade after a while
Transferred to my upper eye lids
The tip isn't as sturdy as it should be
Smudges easily
Fades after a couple of hours


Brand: Barry M

Product: Wink black eyeliner pen

Price: £4.59

Where to buy: Superdrug, boots or anywhere that stocks Barry M

Package quality: 5/5

Overall rating: 3/5

Recommend: No. It's not worth it. The quality will decrease quickly and it will smudge and fade. This eyeliner however this eyeliner will get you from a to b, I would not recommend that you should go out to buy this specific item