Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Favourites!

How is it the first of September already? This year is flying by! It’s that time again for a favourites post. August has been good to me since I found out my GCSE results and found out that I didn’t do as bad as I thought I did and I got into the college that I wanted at the level that I wanted, so it’s been good! Here are the items that I have loved throughout August:

Batiste; dry shampoo in blush:

You either love dry shampoo or you hate; I for one love it. This is the third dry shampoo from Batiste that I’ve had and it’s definitely my favourite. The previous type that I had did make my hair look cleaner, but it made it feel disgusting, so I knew that I needed to try a new type, so I picked up this one and it’s great! It makes my hair look a lot cleaner and it doesn’t leave it feel disgusting. Plus it was only £2.99; bargain!

The Body shop body butter; cocoa butter:

This is the first body butter that I’ve had from the body shop. I bought this because the body shop was having an offer on for a certain amount off; I can’t remember how much exactly, so I stood in the shop smelling them all to see which one I liked the best and decided on this one. It’s not watery and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized! I will be doing a post about this soon, as well.

Maybelline baby lips in Cherry Me and Hydrate:
 I have done nothing, but rave about these lip balms, but these are the two that I have been wearing the most. I wear hydrate before bed and then re-apply it whilst I’m doing my makeup and then I will apply Cherry Me before I leave the house. Cherry me leaves a nice colour on the lips where as Hydrate is clear.

Maybelline colour tattoo in Pink Gold:

Colour tattoos are simply amazing! I have three different colours, but this one must be my favourite as it’s the one that I’ve been reaching for more than the other two. Pink Gold is a shimmery rose gold colour. These will also stay put all day and it still amazes me that I can go out in the morning and when I come home it will not have changed and will still be there. You can also wear these as a base or just alone; I personally like wear this shade alone because it’s such a pretty colour!

Candy Crush:

I’ve had this app for a while and I got frustrated when I couldn’t get past level... 33, I think it was, but once I started playing it again and I got passed it; it was one of the happiest days off my life. After that day I continued to play and continued to get upset when my life’s had ran out, but I’m now stuck on another level; 65 to be precise. I hate the chocolate; it makes me nervous and I just think the level is difficult and if you’re on level a hundred and something; I want to know how you managed it.

 Music favourites:
Music is probably my life; I’m in love with music. I love going through spotify to find artists that I haven’t heard off and seeing if I like their songs. I like a lot of different genres, but you’ll find out my favourite when I list the songs that 
I’ve been loving.

1.    We Own The Night by The Wanted
2.    Roar by Katy Perry
3.    Miss Movin on by Fifth Harmony
4.    Can We Dance by The Vamps

So those are my August favourites!