Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Leibster Award - Part 3

The Leibster award part three! (That doesn't get any easier to spell)

I got nominated for this in August, but I just never saw it... sorry about that, but now that I've seen; I’m doing it... again! Aha. Thank you to Alex for the nomination! I also got nominated by Katherine! I got nominated twice, so it's time for a combination wahey!

1. Each nominee must answer 11 questions that were asked by the blogger that nominated them.
2. You must choose 11 bloggers who have under 300 followers to pass the award onto.
3.Then come up with 11 questions that they will answer
4. Go to their page and tell them that you have nominated them
5. No tag backs 

1. I'm still awkward, but my confidence is building

2. I hate fireworks because I hate loud noises.

3. My mum and dad argued over my name, three names that I could of had are: Emily, Emma or Molly. Hannah is the only name that they agreed on

4. I can't put into words how much I hate sports - hate watching and hate playing

5. I'm easily distracted

6. I'm not allergic to anything, but I have sensitive skin, so I can't use certain products

7. In primary school we had to sew something (I think we had to make slippers from scratch) I just remember that I couldn't do it, so I got the teacher to do it for me

8. I used to think I was quite tall, but I'm the shortest person in my college group 

9. I wish my mum put me in a dance class when I was little, so I could maybe have a little talent in dance now  (Apparently she tried, but I didn't want to go)

10. I have never had a pet. No dog, cat, hamster, etc.. My brother had fish a couple of months ago, but they kept dying, so he got rid of them

11. I'm in college three days a week studying business, it's not that bad, there's just a lot of coursework.

My answers to Alex's' questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?
I read a lot of other blogs and thought that it seemed fun to be able to write your opinions and have other people read them and maybe think about what you've wrote. I actually thought about writing a blog before I started it, but I told myself that I would start in the new year, which I did.

2. Beauty or Fashion?
I love both! If I had to chose, I'd pick beauty, I just love makeup.

3. Fruit or Vegetables?
Fruit, all day everyday.

4. What are your top three favourite shops?
Primark, Boots and Lush. I could spend all day and all of my money in each of those.

5. Concealer before foundation or after?
After. I have an order in which my makeup goes on and concealer is definitely after foundation.

6. Do you have any pets?

7. Favourite drugstore brand?
Maybelline for sure

8. Earliest memory
I don't know if it's my earliest memory, but it was from early on in life. I live in a cul-de-sac which basically means it's a dead end street. Me, my brother and some other kids from the street would always play games outside and one day they all decided to play football, I didn't want to play it, so I went and sat with this boy who wasn't allowed out in the street, but was allowed to watch behind this gate thing, so I went and spoke to him. He's only a couple of months younger than me, we were friends ever since that.

9. Are you on the beach or in the sea?
Can I pick by the pool at the hotel? I don't like the beach, I don't like sand getting everywhere and I do love the ocean, but it freaks me out because it's so deep and you could swept away and die.

10. Dream for the future?
I don't know. I honestly don't have a clue. I'd like for my blog to take of, but I'm not really sure what I want to do in the future.

11. Any advice for a new blogger?
Be active, be nice, be friendly, I don't know really... sorry.

Now for Katherine's questions!

1.  When and why did you start blogging?
Sort of already answered up there, but I started in January 2013

2. What is your most precious possession? 
I don't really have one, I've not had anything passed down through the family, I don't have anything that's really expensive and I need to treasure it. I might have one, but I can't think of one.

3. What is your favourite Disney film?
I LOVE DISNEY FILMS! omg I just love Disney, I love love love the Lion King, when I was younger I used to have the lion king and all of the sequels on video and now I want them on DVD since video doesn't work anymore and I think we sold them years ago.

4. Blogging or Vlogging?and why?
I love blogging, but I would like to start a vlog, if I had enough confidence to do it and I'd need a better camera, so I'm happy with blogging because it's something that I enjoy. I love reading blogs, but I love watching vlogs, so I don't know.

5. How did you think of your blog name?
I've got as much creativity as a brick and that's being offensive to the brick. I thought about it for ages and then I thought of HanahBelle and because I couldn't think of anything else, I stuck with it.

6. What's you favourite season?
I thought of Christmas, as soon as I saw that and I don't know why. I love summer because I hate Winter because I hate the snow and ice, Autumn is too cold, Spring is also cold in fact Summer can be quite cold (In the UK), but I love Summer, everything about it really, but not the bugs.

7. Favourite drugstore/ budget beauty brand?
Already answered, but Maybelline

8. Take a picture of your favourite view.
I don't know how to answer this.

9. What/who would you dress up as for a fancy dress party?
When it was fancy dress day at school I went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but I'd love to go maybe 60's or 20's themed.

10. Who is your biggest inspiration?
Demi Lovato, I love her.

My Nominations:

Not quite as many as there should be, but I couldn't think of anyone else and I didn't want to just nominate anyone.

My Questions:
1. What's you favourite high end makeup brand?
2. What's your favourite drugstore brand?
3. Lush or the Body shop?
4. What's you favourite perfume?
5. What item of clothing do you wear the most?
6. What's your favourite pair of shoes that you own
7. Going to the future or going back in time?
8. One thing that you couldn't live without
9. Favourite skincare product?
10. What's your favourite book?
11. The best gift that you've given and best gift that you've received

A big thanks to Katherine and Alex again for the nomination!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Tutorial || Halloween hair and makeup


I was a bit worried about this post, as it’s my first tutorial, so I was a bit nervous, but I think I've coped alright; I hope you find this helpful and I hope it gives you some ideas.

I’m going to split this post in two halves; the first half for makeup and the second half will be hair.

On Saturday (26th October) I went Alton Towers for scare-fest and me and my friends decided to dress up. I don’t know what you’d call this look, but my friend who was dressed the same as me said we were rag-dolls.

This look is quite basic and isn't difficult to create and you probably have all the items that you need already. I also bought some white face paint, but when I put it on, on the Saturday morning I didn't like it, so I took it off, which is a good job as I had already started to react to for the short time that I had it on; the joys of sensitive skin.

Things you’ll need:
·         Black eyeliner
·         Black eye shadow
·         Maybelline colour tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate
·         Red lipstick

Things I used:
Bourjois healthy mix serum in the shade 51
Collection, lasting perfection concealer
Barry M wink eyeliner pen
Sleek i Divine - Au Natural, but just the black shade
Maybelline colour tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate
Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple
Foundation and Concealer brush from Primark
Real techniques expert face brush
Barry M eye shadow brush
Back combing brush

I also used foundation and concealer, but they aren't things that you need, I put it on to make my skin look better, as I wasn't having a good skin day after I had a reaction to the white face paint.
If you are apply foundation then apply your normal amount; I used the bourjois healthy mix serum in the shade 51 and what I did was put one pump on the back of my hand and then use one finger to dab into the foundation and then I dabbed that finger onto my face, leaving circles of foundation of my face, then using the real techniques expert face foundation brush I brushed it in.

Why am I pouting?

Then using the concealer I put three dabs under my eyes and using the concealer end of the Primark brush, gently wiped it into the skin, as you have to be gentle with your under eyes.

The next step is eyeliner, on both eyes I lined the top lid with a thick line and didn't flick it out because I didn't have enough time in the morning to perfect the flicks, but if you have patience, time or find it easy to do flicked eyeliner then you could flick it out.

Next step will involve the black eye shadow, you’ll need an eye shadow; I used one from Barry M which is a bargain! I applied this all over the lid, then a smaller amount in the crease and blended it out using small movements from side to side.

Now you’re going have to go back to the eyeliner and line your bottom waterline.

Eyes done! Now we’re moving onto the mouth, you’ll need the eyeliner; use it to draw a line from the corner of your mouth to just past halfway of your cheek. Your line can be longer or shorter if you want it to, but it should be on both sides of the face. Then on that line draw some little lines going straight through it; I drew around five shorter lines on both sides.

I then drew the exact same thing, but a much smaller version under my right eye. After that I drew the same thing on the left side of my forehead, I started the line close to my hairline and then brought it down close to my eyebrow.

The next step is the bruise. I did this with the Maybelline colour tattoo in metallic pomegranate to create it. I got a lot of compliments about this on the day (as weird as that might sound), but people thought it looked real which was good.

I ran my eye shadow brush under water before using it to rinse it off the black from earlier. Once the brush had dried, I dabbed the brush in the pot and then applied it to the opposite side of my forehead to where the eyeliner is. Apply it in circular motions, blending the colour out, so the colour isn't as strong. Then using the other side of the brush dab it into the black eye shadow only once, as you don’t want a lot of colour on the brush then dab the black into the purple onto the face. You don’t want to use a lot of black, as it will drown out the purple/red.

Then do the exact same thing under the other eye, but a lot smaller.

Last step for the face!

This is where the red lipstick comes in, I don’t own any red lipstick, but I do own a red lip butter which is practically the same thing. Apply it as normal, but then on either side of the mouth, you want it coming off from the lips to look like blood dripping from the mouth.

Face now done!

I didn't get a photo with the lips... oops

Face is now done!

Time for hair; the hair is simple.

I started with is parted in the middle and then took pieces from the front; brought them back and then clipped it back.

Once the hair has been clipped back; I took a backcombing brush and took my layers at the top held it upright and simply backcombed. I know backcombing isn't great for your hair, so the next I used a hair mask to help to repair it and make it stronger.

I couldn't hold the hair straight up, backcomb and take the picture, so that'll have to do

Once the hair is big enough, use hair spray and spray all over the hair, to keep it in place.

And you're done!

I hope you've enjoyed this; I've tried really hard on it. It's a very simple look, but my explaining skills aren't great, so I hope you've been able to follow along easily.

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Review - The Body Shop - Cocoa Body Butter

I said in my August Favourites that I would do a review of this product, so here it is. It’s late, but I have been very busy lately with college and being ill, but I’m back now.

As I’m sure everybody and their dog knows, the Body Shop has a wide range of body butters with new scents being released quite regularly.

It was a while ago now, but the Body Shop had an half price offer on all of their body butters, so I knew I had to buy one and after smelling all of them I decided on the cocoa butter one as I liked the smell and my skin tends to get dry and I know that cocoa butter is good for dry skin.

The packaging is amazing as it is really sturdy when I went on holiday earlier in the year, I put this loose in the suitcase for both the journey there and back and there is absolutely no damage at all!

This is rich in cocoa and Shea butter, so it’s very hydrating on the skin.
When I was holiday, I got sunburn on my shoulders, so I put this on and it worked perfectly as an after sun with the sun burn not hurting or feeling sore at all and the next day the redness had already started to fade into a tan, which was great!

I have however seen a lot of people say that it has been greasy on their skin if they didn’t really need to apply it, but you can use as much or as a little as you need to, so if you don’t really need any body butter, but would still like to apply some then use a smaller amount.

Another problem that I’ve seen a few people have is that it has been watery, mine is nowhere near watery, even after having not used it for a while, it does not go watery, however when I was in the store, I did open a tub that was watery, so I just put it back checked another tub and it wasn’t watery, so always check if you’re buying them in store. You won’t need to touch it, just by looking you’ll be able to tell if it’s watery or not.

Have you tried any, body butters by the Body Shop? Which is your favourite?

Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Favourites!

How is it the first of September already? This year is flying by! It’s that time again for a favourites post. August has been good to me since I found out my GCSE results and found out that I didn’t do as bad as I thought I did and I got into the college that I wanted at the level that I wanted, so it’s been good! Here are the items that I have loved throughout August:

Batiste; dry shampoo in blush:

You either love dry shampoo or you hate; I for one love it. This is the third dry shampoo from Batiste that I’ve had and it’s definitely my favourite. The previous type that I had did make my hair look cleaner, but it made it feel disgusting, so I knew that I needed to try a new type, so I picked up this one and it’s great! It makes my hair look a lot cleaner and it doesn’t leave it feel disgusting. Plus it was only £2.99; bargain!

The Body shop body butter; cocoa butter:

This is the first body butter that I’ve had from the body shop. I bought this because the body shop was having an offer on for a certain amount off; I can’t remember how much exactly, so I stood in the shop smelling them all to see which one I liked the best and decided on this one. It’s not watery and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized! I will be doing a post about this soon, as well.

Maybelline baby lips in Cherry Me and Hydrate:
 I have done nothing, but rave about these lip balms, but these are the two that I have been wearing the most. I wear hydrate before bed and then re-apply it whilst I’m doing my makeup and then I will apply Cherry Me before I leave the house. Cherry me leaves a nice colour on the lips where as Hydrate is clear.

Maybelline colour tattoo in Pink Gold:

Colour tattoos are simply amazing! I have three different colours, but this one must be my favourite as it’s the one that I’ve been reaching for more than the other two. Pink Gold is a shimmery rose gold colour. These will also stay put all day and it still amazes me that I can go out in the morning and when I come home it will not have changed and will still be there. You can also wear these as a base or just alone; I personally like wear this shade alone because it’s such a pretty colour!

Candy Crush:

I’ve had this app for a while and I got frustrated when I couldn’t get past level... 33, I think it was, but once I started playing it again and I got passed it; it was one of the happiest days off my life. After that day I continued to play and continued to get upset when my life’s had ran out, but I’m now stuck on another level; 65 to be precise. I hate the chocolate; it makes me nervous and I just think the level is difficult and if you’re on level a hundred and something; I want to know how you managed it.

 Music favourites:
Music is probably my life; I’m in love with music. I love going through spotify to find artists that I haven’t heard off and seeing if I like their songs. I like a lot of different genres, but you’ll find out my favourite when I list the songs that 
I’ve been loving.

1.    We Own The Night by The Wanted
2.    Roar by Katy Perry
3.    Miss Movin on by Fifth Harmony
4.    Can We Dance by The Vamps

So those are my August favourites!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

What's In My Bag?

Hello lovelies!

I have decided to do a, what’s in my bag post considering that I never normally take much in a bag if I got out; I’ll normally only take: phone, keys, and purse, but since I went on holiday I had more in my bag than just those three items.

The bag is a bright pink satchel from Primark. I never normally go for bright bags; I’ll normally stick to black or brown, but I really liked this bag and wanted to try something different and step out of my comfort zone. It cost £9 and is well structured. It’s not a massive bag, but it’s big enough for what you need.

(I did also had some prawn and cocktail crisps, but I ate them on the day and we don’t have any in the house)

Headphones: I can’t live without music for a four hour car journey headphones are a must!

Camera: In the picture it’s just the case considering I couldn’t have my camera in the picture and take the picture at the same time. I had to take my camera and I forgot to put it in the suitcase, so it had to go into my bag.

IPhone: Who can live without their phone? No me; that’s for sure! I have the 3G because I’m poor and can’t afford the 4 or 5.

IPod nano: My IPhone battery is shocking, so instead of listening to music off my phone; I used this instead. I’ve had this now for a good couple of years and it’s still good; it may be scratched, but it still works perfectly and that’s all that matters.

Sunglasses: I got these from New Look last year for my holiday and they’re still good. I don’t have a case for them and I didn’t want them to break, so in the bag they went.

Hand sanitizer: I like having clean hands. I don’t have OCD I just like being able to wash my hands after I’ve touched something dirty and with hand sanitizer its quick and easy. I got this brand because I wanted a change and it’s pink and it smells like passion flower & mango. The brand is Cuticura if you wondering.

Baby Lips – Cherry Me: I’m a little bit obsessed with baby lips ok? Cherry me has to be my favourite. I love the colour and it smells amazing!

Chocolate: Who can travel without food? Not me haha 

Monday, 19 August 2013


Hello lovelies!

Something that I never mentioned is that I’m on holiday! I’ve only travelled south to a small village called Pitton that is in the middle of nowhere. The journey was four hours in a very cramped car because we had taken quite a lot of stuff with us.

On one of our trips our trips out; we went to Stonehenge. It was a nice day, as the weather was good and it wasn’t packed. I did actually think that it would be free to look at, but it isn’t and it costs £8.

One you’ve paid you have a choice to whether or not you get a free audio guide which you have to hold to your ear like you’re talking into a phone to listen to. I didn’t get one, as I wanted to take pictures and I wouldn’t have enough hands to take pictures and listen to it at the same time. My mum however did get one and she said that it was boring because the man had an incredibly dull voice.

You can’t get close to the rocks and there’s a path that you have to follow around the stones, but the reason is that you aren’t allowed to touch them because they’d wear down and that wouldn’t be good; for obvious reasons.

.It’s pretty amazing to think that these rocks have been here for thousands of years and no one knows why there are many theories. Such as that it is a burial ground, as bodies have been found close to the rocks; or that it’s a spiritual and religious ground and that it was used as an astrological observatory.


It took 30 million hours to build

It estimated to have been built in 3100 BC

It’s located in Wiltshire

There are three different types of stone: Bluestone, Sarsen and Welsh sandstone

It was built in three stages