Monday, 19 August 2013


Hello lovelies!

Something that I never mentioned is that I’m on holiday! I’ve only travelled south to a small village called Pitton that is in the middle of nowhere. The journey was four hours in a very cramped car because we had taken quite a lot of stuff with us.

On one of our trips our trips out; we went to Stonehenge. It was a nice day, as the weather was good and it wasn’t packed. I did actually think that it would be free to look at, but it isn’t and it costs £8.

One you’ve paid you have a choice to whether or not you get a free audio guide which you have to hold to your ear like you’re talking into a phone to listen to. I didn’t get one, as I wanted to take pictures and I wouldn’t have enough hands to take pictures and listen to it at the same time. My mum however did get one and she said that it was boring because the man had an incredibly dull voice.

You can’t get close to the rocks and there’s a path that you have to follow around the stones, but the reason is that you aren’t allowed to touch them because they’d wear down and that wouldn’t be good; for obvious reasons.

.It’s pretty amazing to think that these rocks have been here for thousands of years and no one knows why there are many theories. Such as that it is a burial ground, as bodies have been found close to the rocks; or that it’s a spiritual and religious ground and that it was used as an astrological observatory.


It took 30 million hours to build

It estimated to have been built in 3100 BC

It’s located in Wiltshire

There are three different types of stone: Bluestone, Sarsen and Welsh sandstone

It was built in three stages


  1. Heh, I for one would have actually been interested in the audio Stone Henge tour! I'm already used to dull voices in my university, and weird theories are always fun to listen to! Landscape also looks fantastic

    Also, stone henges totally reminds me of that one Doctor Who ep...

    Anywyas, I'm glad you had a nice trip despite you not being interested in the henges!

    1. Really? Well if you're alright with dull voice then you'll be fine haha

      I know what episode you mean, I love Doctor Who!

      Thank you! It was nice and I'm happy that I've been :)