Monday, 29 April 2013

Nails of The Week!

I'm starting a new weekly post which will be called Nails of The Week! I paint my nails every Sunday ready for the week and then I will repaint every Sunday. I have a slight nail varnish and used to own over 60 until I chucked out all of my old ones and now I don't have half as much anymore.

This week I have used one coat of Shrimply Divine from Sally Henson complete Salon Manicure which is a beautiful colour it's sort of a bright pink, but it's not too bright if you get what I mean. The nail varnish it's self is also brilliant, as from using one coat you get an opaque colour and there is no need for a second coat, the brush is also flat which makes it easier to apply. There is one thing I dislike though and that would be the name sorry Sally Henson, but I'm not feeling Shrimply Divine. 

I then have a coat of glitter which is Pinky Glitter from Sinful Colors which is also a really pretty colour, however I have done a review of this product before as it featured in my favourites video, so if you want to see a review you can check out my March favourites here! For my nails of the week I used one coat of this over the top of Shrimply Divine and it's created a cute effect that isn't over the top with glitter.

I hope you enjoyed this type of post it will be a weekly thing that will go up every Sunday, I know this is going up on a Monday, but I already posted yesterday and I didn't want to post twice on the same day. 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Review | Herbal Essences Hello Hydration

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I have posted, but my laptop had to go in for repairs and I accidentally left the memory card to my camera in it, so I have not been able to go near the internet for a couple of days now and I also haven't been shopping for a while now, in fact I can't remember what the last thing I brought was, but I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for a while now and I've been loving it. I bleach my hair every five/six weeks and I know that that's not ideal. From using my other shampoo and conditioner my hair would always feel dry and quite ratty (if that's an appropriate word), but ever since I bough these it feels and looks a lot better!

The smell is just beautiful, it's described as orchid and coconut extracts, if they made a perfume smelling like this I would probably buy about five bottles, no exaggeration. When the hair is dry it still smells like it, but it's not as strong and can barely be smelt.

By using these my hair has been left smooth, shiny, healthy and soft which is something that I've been after for a while, I literally can't find anything wrong with this and it was so cheap as well, especially since I got them on offer as well, I can't remember what the offer was, but it must of been cheap, but this product is cheap without it being on offer!

Check them out here!

Monday, 1 April 2013

March Favourites!

So it's finally April *cheers*. The clocks have gone forward so it's going to start getting light early and staying light for longer which will make it feel a lot more summery outside, let's just hope the temperature goes up a bit, haha! All of these products are relatively new, but I've worn them to death whilst I've had them.

Lasting finish by Kate Moss in 08

This is my first lipstick from the Kate Moss collection for Rimmel and I love it! It's one of them 'your lip colour, but better'. It applies nicely and is very pigmented. It lasted me three-four hours without eating and drinking, but after eating or drinking another layer would be required although after eating or drinking the colour can still be seen. The only bad point is that it is a little drying, so I use a nivea lip balm as a base before applying the lipstick. If you fancy having a look you can check out all of the other shades here 

Sinful Colors - Pinky glitter

This nail varnish is so pretty! When I applied this I didn't use a basecoat or topcoat and I totally regret it; when wearing this a basecoat is 100% necessary. I put three coats of this on and that was when I got an opaque colour, so if you have no patience and don't like having to wait for you nails to dry before adding another coat then this isn't for you. Whilst on the colour is a light pink with obvious amounts of glitter. I never thought that I would spend £1.99 on a nail varnish, but this was to pretty to leave behind. If you fancy having a look at this or any other colours click here

Simple - hydrating light moisturizer 

I apply this before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning and I just find that it's such a beautiful product. I bought this from primark for £1 and I love it! It has no fragrance and the littles amount does plenty. The only downside is that it is hard to get out of the bottle as the bottle is hard to squeeze and when it does come out you don't want too much because like I said before a small amount does plenty.

Meybelline the rocket volume express mascara 

I got this mascara off my mum and it's the best! Before this mascara I used one from avon which is now my second favourite. I used to wear about eight different mascaras and I'm not being dramatic and then with just using a couple of coats of this one makes my eyelashes look perfect it does not clump them them together and it also makes them look longer which is great. Check it out here

Rimmel London 1000 kisses

I have used this whenever I go out and it's such a nice colour. It's not quite red it's more of a pinky red colour although it does look red by the container and the swatch. I've found that the colour lasts until you want to eat or drink and then another coat will be needed. This product however is not great for chapped lips as it will highlight them and really make the chappednes stand out. I'm also struggling at the moment as it is deciding that it doesn't want to work very well, but I think it gives you instructions on the packaging on how to make it easier to use. If you want to check this product out click here