Monday, 29 April 2013

Nails of The Week!

I'm starting a new weekly post which will be called Nails of The Week! I paint my nails every Sunday ready for the week and then I will repaint every Sunday. I have a slight nail varnish and used to own over 60 until I chucked out all of my old ones and now I don't have half as much anymore.

This week I have used one coat of Shrimply Divine from Sally Henson complete Salon Manicure which is a beautiful colour it's sort of a bright pink, but it's not too bright if you get what I mean. The nail varnish it's self is also brilliant, as from using one coat you get an opaque colour and there is no need for a second coat, the brush is also flat which makes it easier to apply. There is one thing I dislike though and that would be the name sorry Sally Henson, but I'm not feeling Shrimply Divine. 

I then have a coat of glitter which is Pinky Glitter from Sinful Colors which is also a really pretty colour, however I have done a review of this product before as it featured in my favourites video, so if you want to see a review you can check out my March favourites here! For my nails of the week I used one coat of this over the top of Shrimply Divine and it's created a cute effect that isn't over the top with glitter.

I hope you enjoyed this type of post it will be a weekly thing that will go up every Sunday, I know this is going up on a Monday, but I already posted yesterday and I didn't want to post twice on the same day. 

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  1. So adorable! Love the shimmers
    .Georgian Clare.