Monday, 28 October 2013

Tutorial || Halloween hair and makeup


I was a bit worried about this post, as it’s my first tutorial, so I was a bit nervous, but I think I've coped alright; I hope you find this helpful and I hope it gives you some ideas.

I’m going to split this post in two halves; the first half for makeup and the second half will be hair.

On Saturday (26th October) I went Alton Towers for scare-fest and me and my friends decided to dress up. I don’t know what you’d call this look, but my friend who was dressed the same as me said we were rag-dolls.

This look is quite basic and isn't difficult to create and you probably have all the items that you need already. I also bought some white face paint, but when I put it on, on the Saturday morning I didn't like it, so I took it off, which is a good job as I had already started to react to for the short time that I had it on; the joys of sensitive skin.

Things you’ll need:
·         Black eyeliner
·         Black eye shadow
·         Maybelline colour tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate
·         Red lipstick

Things I used:
Bourjois healthy mix serum in the shade 51
Collection, lasting perfection concealer
Barry M wink eyeliner pen
Sleek i Divine - Au Natural, but just the black shade
Maybelline colour tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate
Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple
Foundation and Concealer brush from Primark
Real techniques expert face brush
Barry M eye shadow brush
Back combing brush

I also used foundation and concealer, but they aren't things that you need, I put it on to make my skin look better, as I wasn't having a good skin day after I had a reaction to the white face paint.
If you are apply foundation then apply your normal amount; I used the bourjois healthy mix serum in the shade 51 and what I did was put one pump on the back of my hand and then use one finger to dab into the foundation and then I dabbed that finger onto my face, leaving circles of foundation of my face, then using the real techniques expert face foundation brush I brushed it in.

Why am I pouting?

Then using the concealer I put three dabs under my eyes and using the concealer end of the Primark brush, gently wiped it into the skin, as you have to be gentle with your under eyes.

The next step is eyeliner, on both eyes I lined the top lid with a thick line and didn't flick it out because I didn't have enough time in the morning to perfect the flicks, but if you have patience, time or find it easy to do flicked eyeliner then you could flick it out.

Next step will involve the black eye shadow, you’ll need an eye shadow; I used one from Barry M which is a bargain! I applied this all over the lid, then a smaller amount in the crease and blended it out using small movements from side to side.

Now you’re going have to go back to the eyeliner and line your bottom waterline.

Eyes done! Now we’re moving onto the mouth, you’ll need the eyeliner; use it to draw a line from the corner of your mouth to just past halfway of your cheek. Your line can be longer or shorter if you want it to, but it should be on both sides of the face. Then on that line draw some little lines going straight through it; I drew around five shorter lines on both sides.

I then drew the exact same thing, but a much smaller version under my right eye. After that I drew the same thing on the left side of my forehead, I started the line close to my hairline and then brought it down close to my eyebrow.

The next step is the bruise. I did this with the Maybelline colour tattoo in metallic pomegranate to create it. I got a lot of compliments about this on the day (as weird as that might sound), but people thought it looked real which was good.

I ran my eye shadow brush under water before using it to rinse it off the black from earlier. Once the brush had dried, I dabbed the brush in the pot and then applied it to the opposite side of my forehead to where the eyeliner is. Apply it in circular motions, blending the colour out, so the colour isn't as strong. Then using the other side of the brush dab it into the black eye shadow only once, as you don’t want a lot of colour on the brush then dab the black into the purple onto the face. You don’t want to use a lot of black, as it will drown out the purple/red.

Then do the exact same thing under the other eye, but a lot smaller.

Last step for the face!

This is where the red lipstick comes in, I don’t own any red lipstick, but I do own a red lip butter which is practically the same thing. Apply it as normal, but then on either side of the mouth, you want it coming off from the lips to look like blood dripping from the mouth.

Face now done!

I didn't get a photo with the lips... oops

Face is now done!

Time for hair; the hair is simple.

I started with is parted in the middle and then took pieces from the front; brought them back and then clipped it back.

Once the hair has been clipped back; I took a backcombing brush and took my layers at the top held it upright and simply backcombed. I know backcombing isn't great for your hair, so the next I used a hair mask to help to repair it and make it stronger.

I couldn't hold the hair straight up, backcomb and take the picture, so that'll have to do

Once the hair is big enough, use hair spray and spray all over the hair, to keep it in place.

And you're done!

I hope you've enjoyed this; I've tried really hard on it. It's a very simple look, but my explaining skills aren't great, so I hope you've been able to follow along easily.

Thank you for reading!


  1. It's great how detailed this tutorial is!

    I love reading your blog, I have nominated you for a liebster award, please see my post for details


    1. thank you so much! I'll check it out :) xx