Sunday, 27 October 2013

Review - The Body Shop - Cocoa Body Butter

I said in my August Favourites that I would do a review of this product, so here it is. It’s late, but I have been very busy lately with college and being ill, but I’m back now.

As I’m sure everybody and their dog knows, the Body Shop has a wide range of body butters with new scents being released quite regularly.

It was a while ago now, but the Body Shop had an half price offer on all of their body butters, so I knew I had to buy one and after smelling all of them I decided on the cocoa butter one as I liked the smell and my skin tends to get dry and I know that cocoa butter is good for dry skin.

The packaging is amazing as it is really sturdy when I went on holiday earlier in the year, I put this loose in the suitcase for both the journey there and back and there is absolutely no damage at all!

This is rich in cocoa and Shea butter, so it’s very hydrating on the skin.
When I was holiday, I got sunburn on my shoulders, so I put this on and it worked perfectly as an after sun with the sun burn not hurting or feeling sore at all and the next day the redness had already started to fade into a tan, which was great!

I have however seen a lot of people say that it has been greasy on their skin if they didn’t really need to apply it, but you can use as much or as a little as you need to, so if you don’t really need any body butter, but would still like to apply some then use a smaller amount.

Another problem that I’ve seen a few people have is that it has been watery, mine is nowhere near watery, even after having not used it for a while, it does not go watery, however when I was in the store, I did open a tub that was watery, so I just put it back checked another tub and it wasn’t watery, so always check if you’re buying them in store. You won’t need to touch it, just by looking you’ll be able to tell if it’s watery or not.

Have you tried any, body butters by the Body Shop? Which is your favourite?

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