Friday, 18 January 2013

New Shoes!

Some time earlier this week, I decided that I needed a near pair of shoes in my life, so I hit all the online shoe shops, looking for a pair of ankle boots with good grips, so I would be able to walk to school in the snow and ice. I went on the website from a store called Schuh and found these...
It's fair to say that they are exactly what I was looking for. When I ordered them, Schuh sent me plenty of emails telling me about the delivery and all that, when I normally order something online I will get about three emails from the company, but I got 6 from Schuh.

The shoes cost £42 with free delivery, which is a bit expensive, but I was desperate for some boots and these were the only pair that ticked all the boxes. I got black (obviously) but there are two other colours to pick from. They're suede on the outside and are fleece inside. The only downside to them is that they make my feet look massive.

Overall, they're great and really comfortable and I just love them.


  1. Hiya, i love reading your blog so i've nominated you for the liebster award which i've just done on my blog: and you can carry on if you want to! Amy xx