Saturday, 23 February 2013

Herbal Essences / Review

On Thursday I had to go to the dentist; which in it's self isn't great, but afterwards I had to go to Morrisons. Whilst in Morrisons, I had a look at the hair products that they were offering and they had a deal for Herbal Essences products; 2 for four pound. So I got a shampoo and conditioner of the ignite my colour, as I dye my hair.

Since buying these I've only used them once and I have already used just less than half of the shampoo bottle, I don't use a lot, but I wash my hair twice with shampoo. I haven't really had a lot of time to make my mind up on this product because straight after I used this I went to the hairdressers, but I did notice that my hair colour did look lighter and it left my hair manageable. Both the shampoo and conditioner are pink and have quite a nice smell to them, it isn't a great smell, but it could be worse...

Whilst I was in the hairdressers I was listening to a conversation that one of the other hairdressers were having with a client, he was saying that he wouldn't recommend tresemme products as they have a high level of salt in them and will leave your hair looking greasy. One product that he did recommend was oil, he said that any type of natural oil is very good for hair. Another point he was saying is that shampoo/conditioner that doesn't lather is the best, as the ones that don't lather are the ones that have not a lot of chemicals in them and they are just better for your hair. I learnt quite a lot, haha!

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