Saturday, 11 May 2013

Guess who's been shopping?!

This morning I had to get up at stupid o'clock (but that's another story) to go shopping. When I say stupid o'clock I got woken up at 6, yes in the morning. We left the house at 9 and got into town at about quarter past. The first purchase was from Dorothy Perkins.

This is for my prom which is next month, it's just the right size as it's not massive, but it isn't tiny and it matches my shoes, haha! It's a envelope clutch that also has a chain, so it can be put on a shoulder which is a plus as the chain tucks neatly into the bag, but if you fed up of carrying you can just whip the chain out and put it on your shoulder, haha! It costs £20, but I got it for £16.00 and I have no idea why, we had no discount or anything, but got £4, but I'm not complaining. If you want to check this out you can here!

New Look

I've been after something like this for a while now and I did see this exact thing Miss Selfridge, but it cost £14 so when I found the same product in New Look for £6.99 it was a bargain! It's cheap and cheerful and exactly what I was looking for so I'm in that stage at the moment when you have something new and love it. I can't seem to find this on the website in Gold, but I can find it in Pink Gold and Silver, so if you still want a look, you can here!


This lipstick just looks so cute! It's such a nice colour spring, as it isn't that bright, but is bright enough if you get what I mean, I haven't tried this on at all which I probably should have done, so I could have a bit more to talk about, but I didn't so you will just have to look at the looks as the packaging is also really cute, Topshop definitely have the best packaging for make up. If you want to check this out, you can here!

This is also for prom. It matches well with the bag and other accessories that I have bought for prom, it's small and quite simple and I think it will look good with my dress. It isn't over powering and it's just small and simple, but yet quite elegant. This costs £12.50 which I think is expensive, but I think everything in Topshop is expensive.


I hope you can see that alright. This is also another thing for prom. As you can see it has some silver crystal things and isn't anything to over the top, it's just simple and silver exactly what I was looking for. It cost £7.50 which I think is quite expensive. Either everything is expensive or I'm just really tight with money,haha.


This dress was to cute to leave behind. As you can see it's a light blue colour with small poka dots, also on the pockets at the top are bows. The buttons are wooden and I've just noticed that one of them on mine has broken in half, so I might take it back, you can't tell, but it's still broken, boo! This only cost £10 which is reasonable, this dress will look good in summer or in the warmer days of spring.

The only reason I bought these is for sleeping. These will be really good for when it gets warmer at night and just good for sleeping in. They cost £3 so that's really good as £6 for two pairs of shorts is a bargain! I don't really have a lot to say about these as nothing exciting will be happening whilst wearing these, only sleeping, haha!

I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. The picture doesn't do it a lot of justice, but it's fab. I feel like this would be perfect for any festivals or going to a theme park. In fact it would be good for most things, but if the rain is shocking then I don't think that this is appropriate for that.

River Island

As soon as I saw this on the website I loved it, it's literally my perfect t-shirt. It's oversized, it's long, it has a cute design and it has turned up sleeves if that's the appropriate word, but 30% of the money goes towards breast cancer which makes it even more perfect. It costs £15 which I don't think is that bad, but seriously, I'm in love with this, you have no idea!


 Notice I saved these beauties for last... so everyone that got bored and left halfway through, ha look what you're missing out on!:p Anyway, I may have mentioned that prom is next month and these will be the shoes that I will be wearing for prom, but they are beautiful! The heel is about 5 and a half inches and they cost £12, £12 THAT IS A BARGAIN!  They were supposed to be £30, but then they were in the sale for £15 and then when we paid for them they were £12! These are now the love of my life... I need to get out more...


  1. Love the ring and Topshop lipstick! So cute :)
    .Georgina Clare.

  2. That topshop lipstick looks like a great color! And I really like the T-shirt of the two birdies!

    I began following you!

    1. It's such a pretty colour! The t-shirt is my new fave!

      Thank you so much! xo