Thursday, 30 May 2013

Maybelline NY Dream Fresh BB Cream Review

Hello lovelies!

Today I will be sharing my opinion on the Maybelline NY Dream Fresh BB Cream (wow, that's a mouthful.) I got this quite a while ago and tried it once and wasn't really a fan, so I just put it away and never looked at it again. Until I was sorting through my makeup bag and decided to test it again and this is how I feel about it.

The product claims to have eight benefits in one, and those benefits are:
                                                       Creates a natural glow
Compliments skin-tone
SPF 30 UV protection
Hydrates all day
Blurs imperfections
Oil free, non-greasy
Looks visibly smooth
Feels fresh
The reason why I didn't like this product at first is because the coverage isn't great and I have natural red cheeks that I like to cover up and this isn't great for that. This product however is good if you want to achieve a natural look as it does create a 'natural glow', so I think that this product will look fabulous in summer when you don't want to go out with a full face of foundation, as this BB cream feels light and fresh and creates a dewy effect.

I don't think I will wear this a lot as it's staying power isn't good and only lasted half a day which is not helpful, I've tried to love this product, but I just can't. I know a few people are in love with this and swear by it, but I just can't. Mainly because of the coverage I like a happy medium coverage and this to light with a ridiculous staying time.

On a note that has nothing to do with the quality of the product, I'm in love with the packaging I think it's really cute and girly where as other packaging can be quite plain I'm in love with this and how the top bit changes by what tone of colour you have bought (I've got light.)

I will not be repurchasing this product as it also broke me out and not to sound vain, but I hardly get spots, I know people who do and suffer with them, but I've always been lucky and not got them, so after about three days of wearing the product I got a couple of spots to which I'm not happy about.

I will not be re-purchasing this product, as I am really not happy with the fact that it broke me out.

(When I was taking the pictures I may have got a bit to much out and I know that I haven't rubbed it in completely)

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  1. I really love this product and use it all the time! Maybe try setting it with a powder or setting spray to increase the wear time!

    XO maddy @