Tuesday, 11 June 2013

No More School!

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday was my last ever day at school. I've finished all of my exams and now I never have to go back! It's quite strange to think about how fast these five years have gone, I can still remember in year seven (which was 2008), in Geography when we were learning about the 2012 Olympics and I didn't see the point of it because I thought 2012 was ages away and it's now 2013!

Yesterday I was only at school till 10 past 11 and then I got to go home, but before that we has a leavers assembly which was our head of year giving awards out for categories such as: Most likely to marry a footballer, most likely to be a vampire, most likely to end the world, etc.. I didn't win one, but I didn't want to, to be honest.

In form in the morning we also signed each others shirts and my form teacher gave us all cards with personalized messages inside and it was the cutest thing in the world. We also had a lot of sweets and biscuits as everyone brought some in and the teacher did as well.

Overall I will miss some aspects of school, but I couldn't wait to leave. School was full of people I didn't like and will never like, some were alright, but 95% of everyone I didn't like, so I couldn't wait to get out of there, haha.

Walking home at 11 with four of my friends was fun, there was no one around, but this meant that everyone is the cars were giving us dirty looks as they went past, as they probably thought that we had left school when we weren't supposed to, but it was weird to think that I have been walking to and from school for five years and now I won't be.

Part of my leavers shirt


  1. I can't wait to leave school! But I can imagine it being really strange! haha!
    Jess x - http://prettylikepastels.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I couldn't wait to leave either haha! It is really strange feeling thought x