Monday, 24 June 2013


Hello lovelies!
Last Friday was my high school prom! Something that I have posted about quite a lot about in my previous posts, so I've decided to blog a little bit about the event. 

I started to get ready at around 1 which started with a trip to the hairdressers to get my hair done which took about an hour and then when I got home I did my makeup and got fully prepared to go.

Just before going to the place where the limo was going to pick us up from my grandparents and my auntie cam around for pictures.

Note: My mum took all of these photos, so sorry if the quality isn't good. Plus I aren't exactly photogenic, so please be kind.

We didn't stay at the house long we literally had a couple of photos and then went to the village hall car park where the limo was going to pick us up from. When we got there we waited for the others to turn up and then it was time for more pictures.

Whilst inside the limo we got a bottle of shloer, as we obviously aren't old enough to drink. We also drove around for a little bit and had a rave to the CD that was playing which I think was Now 64 or something like that.

When we arrived we were the first group to arrive, so we had to stand around outside and wait for everyone else which which was good because the weather was nice. We waited in the gardens and had more pictures that my friends mum took.

When everyone had arrived we went in for the meal which to be honest I didn't really like. Instead of name tags we had boxes with our names on which inside had a key ring with our year 7 picture on one side and our year 11 on the other and my year 7 picture is really bad! I had really dark brown hair and a full fringe and I look terrible, haha!

The rest of the night was spent dancing and then guessing which teachers were drunk, as it was hilarious to see the deputy head drunk and plenty of the other teachers. The dancing was brilliant and it was overall a great night.

On the way back everyone was complaining that they didn't feel very well or that they were tired, as it was midnight when it ended, so in the limo on the way back me and one of my other friends were the only ones singing and dancing.

Straight after prom there was an after party which I'm not going to go in to much detail about because I would be embarrassing myself, as lets just say that I had a bit to drink and it was an amazing way to end prom. Apparently I kept telling everyone that I was fine and that I had nothing to drink, but when we left and went back to my friends house to sleep I remember leaning over the banister to the stairs singing thrift shop...eek.


  1. Love your hair!

    Maddy @

  2. What a cute dress! You look lovely

    Summer x